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4ClickVirtual offers a high quality, professional service for all your business and back office requirements, both on a regular ongoing basis or for ad hoc work and projects.

We take the strain and allow you to focus on building your core business, whilst providing you with highly professional and experienced business support.  Outsourcing tasks which you do not need to focus on, in order to spend time where it will have a higher return on investment, means you can increase your productivity without the added costs associated with taking on additional employees. 

You pay for what you require and nothing more.  No recruitment costs, training, national insurance contributions, pension contributions, holiday, maternity/paternity or sick pay, benefits - not even a tea or coffee break. 

You have the option of choosing a monthly retainer with a number of hours set aside per day, week or month for your exclusive use at a set monthly fee.  On an hour by hour basis - booking work at the beginning of the week or month which can be fitted in around you and your other needs.  Or alternatively, on a fixed cost, project basis - where a fixed fee is paid and a project delivered to a specific deadline.  This flexibility allows you to choose what works for you and can be mixed and matched to provide your perfect solution. 

Research has shown that utilising this type of service and outsourcing your back office, management and support systems can reduce costs by more than 40% when compared against hiring an employee.

With experience in numerous sectors and industries from property through warehousing, asset valuation, insolvency, management consultancy, recruitment, members clubs, event management, venue management, etc. 4ClickVirtual has an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience, within both the private, corporate and public sectors.  This breadth of knowledge will add real value to your business.   

Unlock some of your time by giving 4ClickVirtual a call, booking an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and/or booking a trial, at our discounted taster rate.

Who are we....


4ClickVirtual was founded in 2015 after its Founder, Kelly Pimm, was approached by an ex-colleague and asked if she could undertake some freelance work for their company.  This led to enquiries from other potential clients and having experienced working remotely, it was an interesting career path which she felt enabled the utilisation of the skills picked up over the past 30 years.  

There is such a diverse pool of potential clients to work with and, as technology is moving at such a pace, there is always so much to learn from new software and systems, to ways of working with, and in, different sectors within the corporate world.

Micro businesses, start-ups, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, established businesses and corporations all have different requirements and with an extensive background in back office support services including PA/Office Management, Executive Assistance, Event Management, Payroll, HR, Facilities, Finance, Marketing, Kelly was in an ideal position to assist these businesses as and when needed. 

Why Us?

4ClickVirtual has a range of professional associates working with us and this allows us to provide custom solutions for your business and your lifestyle.  We build your team around your company ethos, so the fit of team members working with you will be just as important as the skill-set you require.  We believe that in order to provide you with the best solution we must understand your values, ethos and vision, building on what matters to you.  

There is no 'one fits all' solution and each potential client's requirements are reviewed on the basis of what will work best for them.  

Bespoke solutions, based on your requirements, when you need it, how you need it; providing efficiency and professional support to enable all businesses to scale their work depending on their needs at that time.    And all via a highly experienced team, who are friendly, efficient, professional and bring added value and a cost effective solution to you and your customers.


Client #2211

Perfect, a fast accurate job.  Great and looks good.  Many thanks....

Client #2111

Superb work - accurate, fast and wonderfully presented.  I will certainly use again.

Client #9586

You really have been a star, I don't know what I would have done without you - your prolific input is much appreciated!

Client #6102

I have been working with 4ClickVirtual now for a couple of years and they have been fantastic.  Super-efficient and have made a big difference helping me get through my task list.  A very positive experience and one I would certainly recommend to others.

Client #1993

I have worked with 4Click for a number of years now and have been extremely pleased with the services provided.  I worked with the owner, Kelly for 10 years previously and always found her to be efficient, hard-working, personal and willing to take on a challenge.  

Client #2016

Wow!  You are a complete star, thank you so much.

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